ROAA Episode 1

The Ramblings of an Author Show

Topic: 'How to be the best version of you'

Featured Guest: Ani Alexander

Episode#:  01 

Date: 7th Sept 2015


For this first episode of The Ramblings of an Author show award-winning author Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo and her co-host Blue Levell will be covering ‘How to be the best version of you’ by giving out some secret motivational tips and insights also they will be covering real facts on books and reading as well as Ibitola answering some questions sent in from fans . As the show aims to bring you insights from other authors and publishers all round the world. Ibitolas first stop is ARMENIA. Here she will be sharing an interview with the shows first ever featured guest Ani Alexander a bestselling fiction author and a podcaster from Armenia. Who shares her experiences as a best-selling fiction author and the kinds of struggles she dealt with leading up to that. Ani hosts the excellent Write 2B Read show on iTunes, which has featured many popular guests.

Ani's Blog: Life Probabilities

Ani on Twitter: @Ani_LifeProb

Ani on Facebook: Life Probabilities

Ani's latest book: Emotional Moments (Amazon)

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